Wakefield Housing Authority

Helping provide affordable housing and economic opportunity, and to encourage individuals to achieve maximum independence.

Board of Commissioners


CHARLES GEIER - Chairman  (April 2021)
781-850-5627 / chuckucg@live.com

JANE GOOD - Vice Chairman   (April 2019)
781-245-1766 / jgood537@verizon.net

LORELEI MACKAY - Treasurer (June 2022)
State Appointee and Tenant Representative
781-245-3426 / loreleimackay7@gmail.com

VALERIE PENNINGTON- Assistant Treasurer   (April 2020)
Tenant Representative
781-621-3256 / itzavala@aol.com

603-275-9204/ shannon.cain@gmail.com

MAUREEN HICKEY - Executive Director
781-245-7328 / wakehamh@rcn.com

Annual Reports and Audits

PHA Plan

Capital Plan 2019


Audit 2017

Audit 2018

Annual Cook Out

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Lincoln School Conference Room.

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