Wakefield Housing Authority

Helping provide affordable housing and economic opportunity, and to encourage individuals to achieve maximum independence.

Section 8 - Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 - Housing Choice Voucher program is the federal governments leased housing assistance program and is limited to U.S. citizens.  Voucher recipients generally pay 30-40 % of income for rent. The voucher pays the difference between rent charged and the tenant contribution. Income limits vary depending on the number of persons in the household and the region which they live. 

Your application will go into the GoSection 8 Centralized Waiting List, where it will be considered by all 80 participating housing authorities. You do not need to apply separately to participating authorities. Each housing authority ranks an applicant differently, by a set of preferences based on the needs of a community, or simple by date  and time of application.

Applicants that work or reside in Wakefield have a priority on the waiting list. Currently there is  approximately a five year wait for people with a local preference.

Fair Market Rent in our area by
bedroom size effective October 1, 2021

0     $1,742

1     $1,924

2     $2,336

3     $2,906

4     $3,168

FSS - Family Self Sufficiency

The FSS program helps H.C.V. assisted families obtain economic independence and self sufficiency, providing help developing skills and experience. An interest bearing escrow account is credited during the contract term and is available to the family to complete interim goals, for example to pay for child care, transportation, education, substance abuse counseling and homeownership counseling. Please contact Beth Greenberg  at 781-245-7328 ext. 26 for more information on this valuable program.

Click here for more informartion about the Family Self Sufficiency Program from HUD.

FSS Graduate, Carmen Andino receiving a check of over $9,000
from Beth Greenberg FSS Coordinator.
"The FSS program has helped me grow as a person and
to believe in myself. That nothing is impossible in life
you just have to work hard to get what you want in life".